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Wednesday, 24 August, 2016

Bacon, apple and cheese muffins

RECIPE NAME: bacon apple and cheese muffins

Bacon, apple and cheese muffins

I adopted this recipe from Nigel Slater who uses ham in his muffins. Say what you will, bacon always wins over ham at breakfast time and these things are meant for breakfast.

It’s tricky, breakfast these days, isn’t it? I wish I was French – dipping a croissant in my breakfast coffee day in, day out, and a sliver of baguette with butter and jam if I’m ravenous. Outside France it’s the first world problem of too much choice, almost like buying bathroom tiles. What to have??? A smoothie? Porridge? Avocado on toast? Home-made muesli or granola? It’s enough to make you toss and turn sleeplessly at night…

The common options are sweet, or sweetish – unless you make like Heston and throw some snails into your porridge, or fall back on the traditional fry-up. This caught my eye because it’s savoury breakfast fodder, and savoury muffins are rarer specimens than, say, savoury scones.

Savoury bacon muffins

They turned out nice enough. But there is clearly something not quite so right about savoury muffins because similarly my sweetcorn muffins were only just that: nice enough… Time to try my hand at some proper cornmeal muffins soon I guess.

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