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Wednesday, 19 July, 2017

Partybrot tear 'n' share

This was a real puzzle. I was debating the plans for my next bread exercise, trying to think of something I’d not baked yet when The Weather Man suggested ‘those little white and wholemeal things baked together’ that I apparently baked once or twice in the distant past.

He’s good like that, is TWM. He’ll casually throw a hint of an idea in the air, making me spend half a day trying to remember what the dish or recipe actually was and how I could get hold of it again. Like the time he said he really enjoyed ‘those pasta shapes with the kind of tomatoey sauce, only it was peppers’. Right – go figure. He meant veggie lasagne, incidentally.

This time I did have a vague recollection of the pull-apart, tear and share, chessboard bread which consisted of rolls shaped from white and brown bread dough. Having googled all the above search options it proved infuriatingly impossible to trace. Of course, you might say I could have just made some basic brown and white bread dough, I’m capable of that. But my obsessive nature refused to give up until I found precisely the original recipe.

German Partybrot

Which I did – via a maze of websites featuring bread, message boards in various languages and a stroke-of-genius look into my oldest Bread Machine (Jennie Shapter) handbook. There it was: Partybrot. Traditional German or Swiss sharing bread, perfect for potluck as no one will ever think to bring bread to those dos. Well done finding that – and very easily baked, by the way.

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